About us

Back bay designs was est in 2013 making us south Jersey’s pioneer seaglass artists. Born and raised on the quiet, peaceful back bays of Cape May County we wanted to share that peace with the world.

We pride ourselves on creating “pockets of peace “ in your homes. in a world of “too much” we always keep our seaglass art simple, calming and full of inspiration. We think the seaglass is the art and we are just giving it a stage . Why try to outshine something that is already so beautiful?

Our 10+ years of experience shines through in quality. Using multi, time tested adhesives and archival inks to resist fading puts us a step above the rest.
What started with a piece of seaglass has now grown to 4 fully stocked retail co-op locations throughout nj and wholesale accounts across the country including the Newark airport.

Based on our love of making people feel important, inspired, joyful, and loved. Our line of feel good products now includes everything from tea towels, to jewelry to keep you going everyday. 

We are owned and operated by local mamas! and love having an open studio policy where our moms always have an open door to bring their kids or grandkids to work whenever they need to! Our studio and workshop are filled with love and laughter sometimes tears and usually lots of messes.

Why we love what we do…

I love that I get to work hand in hand with Mother Nature everyday. That I get to find hidden treasures and bring their beauty out, something that was once thrown away and forgotten gets to go into someone’s home where they might love it fiercely, where it gives them joy and inspiration. It really leaves me in awe everyday knowing that I can’t change the world but that maybe someone woke up and just felt they couldn't do it today, and just maybe one of our pictures gave them inspiration or a feeling of love they needed to keep going that day. I really am overwhelmingly thankful everyday that I get to create a little bit of joy and peace in the world.

Why you’ll love what we do…

With over  60,000 pictures sold, thousands of  designs available and over 3000 custom orders made, we have something for every person in your life, place in your home, and event to celebrate. Don’t.see what you’re looking for? Ask us. Our designs ”retire” yearly  to make way for new ones every year so there is always something new to see.